• Mar. 11 2021
  • Village Administrator

Volunteer Staff Partnership Award Winners!

ATLANTAMarch 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Today the American Cancer Society honors the winners of the 2020 American Cancer Society Volunteer Staff Partnership Award, a national honor in recognition of a volunteer and staff team that has positively impacted the American Cancer Society (ACS) mission. 

  • Feb. 9 2021
  • Rox @Admin Bouey

New Diversity in Cancer Research Program!

ATLANTA, Feb. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The American Cancer Society today announced the Diversity in Cancer Research program, a permanent umbrella that will support the American Cancer Society's effort to foster a more diverse scientific workforce community. This has been made possible through a generous endowment contribution from Elizabeth and Phill Gross and their family.

  • Dec. 12 2020
  • Rox @Admin Bouey

Six Plan-ahead Tips to Party Smarter

Sticking to your healthy eating goals can be a lot harder this time of year. But with a little planning, you can enjoy every minute of this season’s parties without going overboard on fat, calories, or sweets.

  • Dec. 10 2020
  • Rox @Admin Bouey

Coping Checklist for Patients

Everyone has a different style when it comes to coping with the emotional roller coaster of cancer. This coping checklist can help you learn whether your coping methods are healthy and helpful. It may also help you identify strengths you can build on and weaknesses you can improve.

  • Oct. 26 2020
  • Village Administrator

ACS Village Website Updates!

The ACS Village Development team is pleased to report that we released a few bug fixes last week. The release does not introduce any new features but addresses the following issues that were reported. 

As always if anyone encounters any issues or wants to provide feedback on your ACS Village experience, please join the Villager's User Group and post in the Discussion forum! 

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