• Dec. 10 2020
  • Rox @Admin Bouey

Coping Checklist for Patients

Everyone has a different style when it comes to coping with the emotional roller coaster of cancer. This coping checklist can help you learn whether your coping methods are healthy and helpful. It may also help you identify strengths you can build on and weaknesses you can improve.

Working from home

We are certainly facing some unchartered waters.  I am going to record a couple of videos to let our staff know what we are doing and what to expect over the next couple of weeks.  This will include inviting all CDM's onto this platform. 

I have also started hearing concerns from staff who have children about how they are going to balance work and at home children.  Hopefully this is a short term issue.  However, I just started a new group for these staff where they can connect and help each other. 

Remember, anyone can start a group if you see an issue like this.  Stay safe and more information coming shortly!