ACS Village is a collaboration and social networking platform for anyone interested in the American Cancer Society (ACS) family of Communities.

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Through social interaction in ACS Village, members are able to create their own or join other affinity groups in order to share their successes and challenges, as well as cheer other members on in their journey to get well. Members also contribute their thoughts and experiences in a variety of discussions regarding fundraising ideas, methods of recognition and tips for planning and reaching health goals, just to name a few.

ACS Village also empowers users to duplicate high-performing fundraising team behaviors by following a best practice, points-based reward system. Teams take the recommended actions and pursue the same activities to raise significantly more donations than they might have alone. (Coming Soon!)

Why ACS Village and not some other large social networking platform? By joining ACS Village, there is a much more personal aspect to the community because members are most likely invited to join by a trusted friend or treatment specialist. Additionally, it is more secure, private, and its administration is not subject to policies and procedures that may not be compatible with ACS’s culture and conditions. Finally, ACS Village aims to be the cancer community’s one-stop-shop for up-to-date, trusted company information because it comes directly from the nationwide leadership, staff and volunteers of the American Cancer Society.

Sharing of support, treatment resources, company information and collaboration on fundraising events are only some of the uses and benefits of a well-developed and active community! We welcome your feedback and hope you find both the website and mobile app of indispensable value to you.

Please Contact us with any questions or feedback you have about ACS Village