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Welcome to the Safety Harbor neighbor unite campaign group. We will use this group to keep in contact with the planning for our event.

Here is our link to our list of businesses. Don't forget to update if you made an ask or had success.

To communicate with others, simply post a message in the box below and everyone will be notified. Please make sure you go to your profile and change the setting for notifications to this group from daily to often. Also, make sure that your phone notifications are set for on so that we can stay up to speed on our progress.

We are encouraging everyone to sign up for the car parade. It will be at Safety Harbor City Park and that's where we'll set up an arch and all of our signage. Here's the link to register:

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October 05

March 16

December 05

Glenn Callihan @Neighbors Unite - Safety Harbor: I'm packing for vacation today but couldn't leave without saying another thank you to each and every one of you. Last night was amazing and even better than I envisioned. So many of you contributed in so many ways. It's the thing I love most about working for the American Cancer Society, which is seeing the beauty of the human heart. Thank you so much!

2 years ago

November 30

Glenn Callihan @Neighbors Unite - Safety Harbor: Hi everyone,
I just uploaded two pictures for logistics. I have a map and a diagram showing how the assembly line and other items will work.

2 years ago

November 30

November 20

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This group is for our volunteers helping us with our local luminaria event.

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