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Welcome to our group! Please use the discussion section to provide updates and ideas. You can also post questions in the feed below. If you are working on implementing a new concept (for example: You've come up with a plan as a RFL/MSABC and volunteer team on how to run the opening ceremony and want to share with others in your position) please post in the blog section.

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May 30

Shannon McClure @SER Purple/Pink brainstorming: We had decided to combine one of our Relays with our Strides at the beginning of Covid....we have since reworked our timeline and should have it solidified soon...stay tuned! We are also closely watching for guidelines for Late Fall events. Stay tuned!

2 years ago • 1 comment

Glenn Callihan photo

Glenn Callihan @SER Purple/Pink brainstorming in reply to Shannon McClure: Great to hear! I don't think there will be any general guidance on us nationally saying that there won't be any in person events in the Fall. We are working with the Relay and Strides volunteer leadership of SER on giving some guidance. More to come.

2 years ago

May 12

John Harris @SER Purple/Pink brainstorming shared a video: Strides Relay Join Forces

2 years ago • 3 comments

Meredith Tucker photo

Meredith Tucker @SER Purple/Pink brainstorming in reply to John Harris: great video! thanks for sharing

2 years ago

Lauren McGrath photo

Lauren McGrath @SER Purple/Pink brainstorming in reply to John Harris: I like it! I might put my own spin on it and re create it :-)

2 years ago

John Harris photo

John Harris @SER Purple/Pink brainstorming in reply to Lauren McGrath: We look forward to seeing what you all come up with! New spins are what we're after so thanks!

2 years ago

April 16

April 09

April 08

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This group is a place to have individuals share ideas around the potential merging of RFL and MSABC this Fall.

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