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Please share your story or one that you are aware of. Especially now, we all could use some inspiration!

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July 22

Theresa Milhizer @SER My Why: Here's a news story featuring an AMAZING ACS volunteer! Be on the look out for Brittni making a guest cameo!

2 years ago

June 19

Cynthia Farah @SER My Why: SEVEN years this week! Cancer-FREE!!! I love working with the ACS volunteers & staff. We are able to help others through their cancer diagnosis and life after that. I am grateful and honored to be a part of this group. Love you all!!

2 years ago • 3 comments

Glenn Callihan photo

Glenn Callihan @SER My Why in reply to Cynthia Farah: Thank you so much for sharing your story Cynthia and we are so lucky to have you on our team!

2 years ago

Cynthia Corbin photo

Cynthia Corbin @SER My Why in reply to Cynthia Farah: Congratulations Cynthia!!!!

2 years ago

Kayla Nasr photo

Kayla Nasr @SER My Why in reply to Cynthia Farah: That is AMAZING Cynthia! We are so lucky to have you on our team! <3

2 years ago

May 13

Alexandria Denny @SER My Why: Right now in Richmond we are hosting a #WhyIStride campaign and one of my sweetest volunteers and leader of my survivor committee shared her story in full with me. Here it is on our Facebook if anyone wants to check it out and give her some love! She's absolutely amazing and volunteers for ACS on so many different levels!

2 years ago

May 11

Theresa Milhizer @SER My Why: Macey's story is full of inspiration and HOPE!

2 years ago

April 14

Glenn Callihan @SER My Why: Hi everyone,
It looks like we have a pretty good following for this group! Anyone willing to be brave like those who shared and share your story? You can do a quick video too. It can even be a story about someone else.

2 years ago

April 01

John Harris @SER My Why shared a video: My Why

2 years ago

March 22

March 21

Glenn Callihan @SER My Why contributed to the wiki Profile Message

2 years ago

February 29

Glenn Callihan @SER My Why: Here's our RFL Region Lead, Nan Jenkins, story.

2 years ago

Lisa Noel @SER My Why published My Why.

2 years ago • 1 comment

Glenn Callihan photo

Glenn Callihan @SER My Why in reply to Lisa Noel: This is such a powerful story! Thank you so much for sharing Lisa!

2 years ago

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This is a place for people to post their "Why!" Your "why" is why you are involved with the American Cancer Society.

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