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Video on self confidence.

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November 23

Theresa Milhizer @SER Interesting information: Have you been impressed by your follow ACS team members or a volunteer? Consider writing them a LinkedIn recommendation and/or endorsing their skills. It’s a great way to show your appreciation of their hardwork!

2 years ago

September 17

Lauren McGrath @SER Interesting information: If you like podcasts, the owner of Savannah bananas has one called business done differently. Usually he has amazing guests with great ideas. I just listened to this one that has some fantastic ideas about outreach in your community. You should also google Savannah Bananas just to check out the team. They are so much fun and sell out every game with their crazy marketing They also support local non profits at every game and ACS has a night every season where they honor our survivors and give back to our mission. Enjoy!

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September 14

August 19

August 17

August 14

August 13

August 02

Glenn Callihan @SER Interesting information: Here’s a link to a podcast on getting things done. He does 2 minute sessions of helpful tips. You should start at the beginning. Although no recent posts.!

2 years ago

July 28

July 27

June 30

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