• Dec. 13 2019
  • Glenn Callihan

Meet the researcher!

Our Cancer Control team has been working on a new series called "meet the researcher."  They have created one pagers featuring researchers located in our region.  Check this one out on Dr. Laura Shankman from Virginia.

  • Dec. 7 2019
  • Glenn Callihan

Fundraising part 2 with Joe Gillette!


  • Dec. 1 2019
  • Glenn Callihan


This is the first of a four part series where I interviewed one of our superstar volunteers Joe Gillette about fundraising.  In this first 7 minute video, he shares how he got involved and some secrets to his success.


  • Nov. 24 2019
  • Glenn Callihan

Visit our web platform!

If you haven't visited our web platform, check it out.  It's more robust than the App and you will find some additional material like videos and documents.  Check ACS Village out today!

  • Nov. 18 2019
  • Glenn Callihan

Lung cancer awareness month

This was a short video that I found on FaceBook this morning that highlights one of our lung cancer survivors and the progress we've made!

Candace's Story

  • Nov. 17 2019
  • Glenn Callihan

New groups created!

Hi everyone,

Check out some of the new groups we've created.  We've included some links to videos and to the American Cancer Society's website.  Check out some of the groups like #GoldTogether, Cancer survivors, Caregivers and more! 

  • Sep. 22 2019
  • Glenn Callihan

Cure Fest!

It's exciting to see our #GoldTogether team hard at work in DC this weekend!

  • Sep. 4 2019
  • Glenn Callihan

Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month

Hi everyone,

September is Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month.  Here are one of the many stories out there that talks about why we need to do more.  


  • Sep. 1 2019
  • Glenn Callihan

Hurricane Warning

To all of those east coast users, please be careful.  Hurricane Dorian just got upgraded to a category 5.  Stay safe out there!

  • Aug. 30 2019
  • Glenn Callihan

Happy Labor Day!

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Labor Day!

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