• Feb. 8 2020
  • Laura Eicher

#GoldTogether Games

This video inspires all ages to bring GOLD to their schools to raise money for childhood cancer.  We can use support pieces from Schools vs. Cancer or Coaches vs. Cancer to maximize the impact.


  • Feb. 7 2020
  • Glenn Callihan

#GoldTogether - New video!

Check out this new video from #GoldTogether!  

  • Feb. 6 2020
  • Glenn Callihan

Our newest Hope Lodge in Jacksonville Florida is now open!

Hope now has a home in Jacksonville, FL.  Check out this video of the facility that's now on the American Cancer Society's Florida FaceBook page.

  • Jan. 31 2020
  • Glenn Callihan

New video!

Check out these two new videos.  The first is one that a volunteer in Tampa did probono to promote our organization.  

Chris' Story

The second one is one that was recently added to our research folder from Dr. Faber who recoreded this for an event that he was supposed to attend but was unable to.  It's good stuff.

Dr Fabor Video

Breaking news!

The following is a message that the American Cancer Society CEO just shared!

Huge win - Atlanta has now banned indoor smoking!

Our volunteers and staff had a huge win in Atlanta, check out this news story!

  • Dec. 27 2019
  • Glenn Callihan

Relay For Life - First Lap!

Check out this interview I did with Joe.  In this segment we talk about Relay For Life's First Lap, which is an event that will be taking place next Saturday and done around the world!

Relay First Lap - FB

Relay First Lap - YouTube

  • Dec. 21 2019
  • Glenn Callihan

Relay For Life

Check out this video from staff and volunteers on getting Relay For Life kicked off in 2020!  First Lap!

  • Dec. 20 2019
  • Glenn Callihan

Researcher update

Here's a video featuring one of our researchers in Florida

  • Dec. 20 2019
  • Glenn Callihan

Fundraising part 3 with Joe Gillette!

Joe Gillette on Fundraising

Here's the third installment in our interview with Joe Gillette on Fundraising!  A must see!


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