• Dec. 27 2019
  • Glenn Callihan

Relay For Life - First Lap!

Check out this interview I did with Joe.  In this segment we talk about Relay For Life's First Lap, which is an event that will be taking place next Saturday and done around the world!

Relay First Lap - FB

Relay First Lap - YouTube

  • Dec. 21 2019
  • Glenn Callihan

Relay For Life

Check out this video from staff and volunteers on getting Relay For Life kicked off in 2020!  First Lap!

  • Dec. 20 2019
  • Glenn Callihan

Researcher update

Here's a video featuring one of our researchers in Florida

  • Dec. 20 2019
  • Glenn Callihan

Fundraising part 3 with Joe Gillette!

Joe Gillette on Fundraising

Here's the third installment in our interview with Joe Gillette on Fundraising!  A must see!


  • Dec. 13 2019
  • Glenn Callihan

Meet the researcher!

Our Cancer Control team has been working on a new series called "meet the researcher."  They have created one pagers featuring researchers located in our region.  Check this one out on Dr. Laura Shankman from Virginia.

  • Dec. 7 2019
  • Glenn Callihan

Fundraising part 2 with Joe Gillette!


  • Dec. 1 2019
  • Glenn Callihan


This is the first of a four part series where I interviewed one of our superstar volunteers Joe Gillette about fundraising.  In this first 7 minute video, he shares how he got involved and some secrets to his success.